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The Alloway Standard Story

During World War II, brothers Joe and Ted Lepine; skilled metal smiths, moved to Seattle, Washington to repair ships for the US Navy. After the war the brothers moved back to their family roots in Fargo, ND and opened a sheet metal fabrication business, Standard Industries.

Their first winter was very slow, hence Joe decided to build his son Jim a metal sled and took him sledding at Island Park in downtown Fargo. While sledding a man approached the father and son to inquire where they were able to find a sled so soon after the war as metal was especially hard to come by for toys. That man was Fred Scheel and he wanted to sell the sleds in his hardware store. Joe and Ted produced many sleds for Scheels Hardware which provided work and income for the two families that critical first winter. Thus the humble beginning of a three generation family-owned company.

In 1976, Joe’s son, Jim, purchased the business from Joe and Ted. Soon after, Jim responded to an emergency phone call from American Crystal Sugar, a beet processing plant in Moorhead, MN. They needed skilled metal smiths to fabricate custom stainless steel equipment for the plant. This evolved the business into the area’s premier stainless steel fabrication shop.

In 2003 Jim and his son, Mike purchased the Alloway Sugar Beet Equipment line from Woods Equipment Co., with the idea to be more diversified, grow the company’s sugar beet heritage and continue the success of the highly regarded agricultural equipment line. Alloway was also a family owned business started by blacksmiths in Caldwell, Idaho in 1946. Together we have over a hundred years of experience in the industry.

Alloway Standard Industries is a family owned business still today; grounded by high standards, ethical values and a conviction to integrity and honesty in business and all one does. That along with our employee’s conviction to produce high quality parts and products and backing it up with exceptional customer service, has enabled us to continue growing. At Alloway Standard, we are not content to stand still; we strive to improve product quality and produce innovative equipment so our customers can become more productive, have less downtime and become more profitable.

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