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Row Crop Cultivator Model 2065

2065 Overview

Model 2065 was developed so you can design your own cultivator. Build a single shank unit with cutting coulter and row weeder disc or add 3-tine or 5-tine gang assemblies for special applications. The 2065 is ideal for cultivating in heavy-trash and hard-to-cultivate soils. For use in corn, cotton, soybean, sunflower, potato, and sugar beet fields.

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Features and Benefits

  • 6" x 12" Yoke Mounted Heavy Gauge Wheel (cast hub with water pump bearing)
  • 2" x 4" Adjustable Trees
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Optional Equipment

  • Branch Tubes and Tines
  • Row Weeder Disc
  • Front Tubes and Tines
  • Cutting Coulter
  • Choice of 3 Rear Shanks
  • Support Wheels and Guide Wheels
  • Lift Assist Wheels on large models.
  • Adjustable Depth Control
  • Open Top Shields
  • Down-Pressure Springs
  • Double H Linkage kits
  • Hiller Attachments
  • Parking Stands for cultivators without support or guide wheels.
  • Guide Furrow Markers
  • Wide Variety of Shovels
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