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Folding Defoliator in the field

12 Row 22 Overview

This innovative Twelve-Row Folding Defoliator is the only folding topper in the market. It offers patented construction that folds to a narrow thirteen-foot wide profile for safe, easy transportation. It features two six-row wings that independently follow the contour of the ground, allowing more precise coverage of beet crowns, even on rougher terrain. In addition, the defoliator’s unique two-gearbox design distributes operating loads more uniformly, enhancing overall dependability.

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Features and Benefits

Includes all the great features of our Rigid Defoliator PLUS these extras:
  • Hydraulic Folding Wings allows machine width to be reduced to 13’ for transport and storage requirements. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
  • Floating Six-Row Wings have individual depth controls. As a result, beet crowns get more precise and uniform treatment.
  • Special Bearing Bracket for the inside rotor mount places the bearing within the flail tube for maximum protection and increased reliability. [ 3 ]
  • Two High-Capacity Gearboxes keep six drive belts short and offer a choice of rotor rotation. [ 4 ]
  • Each of the six-row shafts is driven by a 3C Power Band Belt, delivering highly reliable power transfer while reducing belt fatigue and replacement cost. [ 5 ]
  • Extra-Large Clearance within the rotor housing reduces soil build-up.
  • Folding Linkage specially designed to use vertical hydraulic cylinders to fold to a very narrow profile. [ 4 ]
  • Hydraulic Front and Rear cylinders make height adjustments easy.
  • New Style Hitch allows PTO to run at a reduced angle. [ 6 ]
  • New Replaceable Drive Shaft in flail tube.
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Optional Equipment

  • Wing Lift Cylinders (cylinders vs. ratchet jack on back wing tires) aid in leveling and lifting defoliator.
  • Rear Steer allows turning in narrow headlands and irrigated land.
  • Front Stabilizer Wheels prevents topper from dipping in the corners. [ 7 ]
  • Mechanical Knife Scalpers or Ground Driven Circular Rotating Scalpers (now with new easier to adjust design) top beets giving growers the best possible performance in a variety of difficult harvesting conditions. [ 8 ]
  • Rear Row finder to align equipment over the row hydraulically.
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  • Folded-Up Defoliator [ 1 ] Folding Wings Up
  • Folding-Down Defoliator [ 2 ] Folding Wings Down
  • Special Bearing Bracket [ 3 ] Special Bearing Bracket
  • High-Capacity Gearboxes [ 4 ] High-Capacity Gearboxes
  • 3C Power Band Belt [ 5 ] 3C Power Band Belt
  • New Style Hitch [ 6 ] New Style Hitch
  • Front Stabalizer Wheels [ 7 ] Front Stabilizer Wheels
  • Circular Scalpers [ 8 ] Circular Scalpers
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Overall Width 288"
Transport Width 156"
Overall Length 267"
Transport Height 162"
Gearbox 200 hp
Rotor Speed Rubber 450 rpm
Rotor Speed Steel 1130 rpm
PTO 1000 rpm
Drive System Belt
Number of Tires 6 Large
Tire Size 12.4 x 24"
Folding Wings Hydraulic
Working Speed 4-5 mph
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