Alloway Standard

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Setting the “Standard” in Sugar Beet Equipment

Rigid Defoliator Folding Defoliator


Designed to produce the cleanest beets in the business, the Alloway defoliator has become the workhorse for beet growers across America. They are proven performers in every growing region and in all soil conditions.

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Standard Equipment Advantages

  • Belt Driven from both sides of machine with smooth spring loaded operating idlers for easy adjustment and long belt wear; adds power, reliability and low cost maintenance.
  • Choice of Flails including rubber (reversible), steel L-knife and steel Cup-knife to match various harvesting conditions. Using appropriate flails yields finer shred which enables smoother harvesting.
  • Heavy Duty Front Hitch provides durability and supports the main frame.
  • Flail Tubes with triple lip sealed bearings have replaceable drive shafts for fast in-field replacement without welding.
  • Industry Leader throughout North America adds exceptional re-sale value.
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