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Folding Harvester Overview

Nothing stays the same and the sugar beet industry is no exception to that rule with increasing demands for better, bigger and more efficient equipment. At Alloway we continue to strive to meet those changing needs to better serve our customers needs. Alloway’s harvester line has improved and is making changes for the same reasons we designed our Exclusive Folding; easy transportation to and from the field, easy maintenance and cleaning along with convenient storage. We cover more ground and make it easy to get around.

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Features and Benefits

Hydraulic Folding Wings reduces the width to 15'10" for easy transportation and storage. Also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Wide Grab Rolls and Chain Bed distributes dirt evenly leaving no dirt mounds in the field.
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hitch
Folded Wings provide easy access to bed chain and grab rolls for service and maintenance.
Guage Wheel Outside Gauge Wheels make it easy to adjust and level in the field.
Curved Dual Elevator, 84" of chain prevent plugging of conveyor.
Dual Rear Elevator
Walking Tandem Tires Walking Tandem Tires offer a smooth ride while being able to support more weight.
5-1/2 Ton Tank offers high visibility and capacity with easy access door for easy cleaning.
Holding Tank
  • Floating Wings follow contour of your field.
  • Rock Protected Grab Roll Bed is adjustable for extra cleaning.
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Optional Equipment

Integrated Row Finder with hitch for side to side movement.
Row Finder
  • Wheel Fillers to accommodate smaller beets.
  • Polyethylene Grab Rolls for muddy soil conditions.
  • Cushion Lifter Wheels for rock protection.
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Model 12 Row 22
Overall Width 25' 0"
Transport Width 15' 10"
Boom Width 6' 8"
Overall Length 27' 0"
Transport Height 14' 0"
Inside Width Cleaning Bed Area 98"
Truck Clearance Height 13' 8"
Tongue Weight 7,500 lbs
Tank Capacity 5-1/2 Tons
Tractor PTO Speed 1000 rpm
Minimum HP Required 250 hp
Main Gearbox 260 hp
3-Way Gearboxes (2) 200 hp
Tires (4) 380/90R46
Front Grab Rolls 5
Rear Grab Rolls 7
Grab Roll Composition Steel or Plastic Covered
Bed Chain (3) 93" total (1/2" dia. x 56mm pitch)
Drive Belt System 4B Power Band Dual Drive
Rear Elevator (2) 84" total (1/2" dia. x 56mm pitch)
Digger Struts Fixed or Flex
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