Alloway Standard

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Setting the “Standard” in Sugar Beet Equipment

Rigid Defoliator Folding Harvester

Harvester Overview

The Alloway Standard Harvester has a lot of the same great features it had in the past, such as its exclusive curved parabolic elevator which eliminates troublesome spring tension arms and results in less beet damage and losses. The grab rolls, paddle shafts and new chain bed utilize dual drive technology which reduces stress on support bearings and fatigue on the entire machine. However, we have added more features such as a 40" long shock cushioned supported chain bed to separate unwanted material; higher clearance front digger struts for exceptional view for the operator and less trash build up; eight independent cushioned adjustable grab rolls; large six ton tank option; larger rear wheels; hinged front barrier brackets that let material in not out; high clearance folding truck boom with belted chain; extra heavy duty hitch and the machines overall design is very open to allow for accessibility for service and unsurpassed visibility.

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