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Rigid Harvester Overview

The Alloway Standard Harvester has a lot of the same great features it had in the past, such as its exclusive curved parabolic elevator which eliminates troublesome spring tension arms and results in less beet damage and losses. The grab rolls, paddle shafts and new chain bed utilize dual drive technology which reduces stress on support bearings and fatigue on the entire machine. However, we have added more features such as a 40" long shock cushioned supported chain bed to separate unwanted material; higher clearance front digger struts for exceptional view for the operator and less trash build up; eight independent cushioned adjustable grab rolls; large six ton tank option; larger rear wheels; hinged front barrier brackets that let material in not out; high clearance folding truck boom with belted chain; extra heavy duty hitch and the machines overall design is very open to allow for accessibility for service and unsurpassed visibility.

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Features and Benefits

Extra Heavy Duty Hitch with adjustable tongue and hydraulic level cylinders with depth stops and transport locks.
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hitch
Steep Angle Struts
Steep Angle Struts provide exceptional view of digger wheels and reduces trash build up on strut mounting beam.
Padded Paddle Shafts are driven from both sides which distributes torque and bearing loads more evenly.
Padded Paddle Shaft
Padded Paddle Shaft Hinged Front Barrier Bracket lets material in not out for less beet loss and jammed debris.
40" Shock Cushioned Chain Bed to help filter unwanted material and mud build up. Driven from both sides and has center support.
Cushioned Chain Bed
Adjustable Grab Rolls 8 Adjustable Grab Rolls move the beets twice and they are driven from both ends reducing stress on support bearings, cushioned for rock protection and grab roll bed is tiltable.
Curved Elevator designed for smooth clean flow taking less power and results in less beat damage reducing losses due to breakage.
Curved Rear Elevator
Driven From Both Sides Driven from Both Sides of machine less stress, wear and maintenance on entire drive system.
  • Equiped with a 3½ Ton Tank.
  • Folding Truck Boom allows for high clearance and narrow transport. Adjustable speed and reversible converyor.
  • Open Frame Design for easy access when cleaning or servicing machine.
  • Large Wheels enable smooth and steady travel through rough fields. Plus the wheel strut height is adjustable.
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Optional Equipment

Integrated Row Finder with hitch for side to side movement.
Row Finder
  • On-Board Self Contained Hydraulics.
  • Wheel Fillers to accommodate smaller beets.
  • Polyethylene Grab Rolls for muddy soil conditions.
  • Cushion Lifter Wheels for rock protection.
  • Rear Steer allows turning in narrow headlands and irrigated land.
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Model 6 Row 22 8 Row 22
Overall Width 189" 210"
Overall Length 280" 280"
Overall Height 164" 164"
Truck Clearance Height 156" 156"
Tongue Weight (drawbar) 6,500 lbs 7,000 lbs
Weight Empty 18,700 lbs 20,000 lbs
Gearbox 200 hp 200 hp
½" Elevator Chain Rods 56 mm pitch 56 mm pitch
Tractor PTO Speed 1,000 rpm 1,000 rpm
Belt System 4B power band 4B power band
Elevator Drive hydraulic or gearbox hydraulic or gearbox
Wheel Struts 2 adjustable 2 adjustable
# of Tires 4 4
Tire Type 12.4 x 24 Traction 12.4 x 24 Traction
Tire Pressure 32 psi 32 psi
Tire Ply Rating 8 ply 8 ply
Tire Load Capacity 11,300 lbs 11,300 lbs
Grab Roll Bed rock protected rock protected
Grab Roll Adjustable 7 full length 7 full length
Grab Roll 1 stub roller 1 stub roller
Grab Roll Composition steel or plastic covered steel or plastic covered
Digger Struts fixed or flex fixed or flex
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