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Alloway Standard Industries Offer New and Improved Models

by Jody Hoffman - March 2007

Re-designed harvesters with the same great features and newly added and improved features.

Located in Fargo, ND, Alloway Standard Industries Inc. introduces two new and improved models to its line of highly regarded, reliable and unmatched quality Sugar Beet equipment. The harvester line was in production several years ago, however when Standard Industries purchased the line they wanted to make improvements to the harvester to be more efficient in the heavy Red River Valley soil.

The new Alloway harvester, in six and eight row units, has been re-designed for superior cleaning, smoother field operation and to leave clean harvested fields. The new 8-row harvester has been in field for two seasons, testing it and re-testing it to ensure the quality lives up to the Alloway name and offers the quality the farms have come to expect from Alloway equipment.

New Look

Alloway harvesters are painted completely yellow, which makes them easy to spot in the fields. The new models come with many of the same great features, such as its exclusive curved parabolic elevator, which eliminates troublesome spring tension arms and results in less beet damage and losses. The grab rolls, paddle shafts and new chain bed utilize dual drive technology that reduces stress on support bearings and fatigue on the entire machine.

However, new features have been added such as a 40-inch long-shock cushioned supported chain-bed to separate unwanted material. Higher clearance front-digger struts re-designed for exceptional view for the operator and less trash build up. The harvester has eight independent cushioned adjustable grab rolls; large 6 ton tank option; larger rear wheels; and hinged front barrier brackets that let material in not out. High clearance folding truck boom with belted chain; extra heavy duty hitch and the machines overall design is very open to allow for accessibility for service and better visibility.

Customer Consensus

The farmers that tested the Harvesters in the field commented that they rarely if ever needed to stop to clean build up from the machine, very quiet operations, easy to see beets in the lift wheels, beets were very clean and undamaged, tare piles were very small, very minimal if any beets left in the field, and they could run the Harvester at higher speeds without build up or decrease in harvesting performance. The over all consensus was they would prefer their next Harvester to be an Alloway.

Grower Tested

One of the growers who tested the harvesters in the field are Roger Nelson and his two sons Rodney and Greg. Together they own 9500 tillable acres in Cass County. Rogers father, Howard started sugarbeet farming in 1935 when they harvested by hand. In 1960, Roger started renting farmland and gradually started to purchase separate land to farm.

Roger says, “We averaged 35 tons this year and the Alloway Harvester handled it quite easily. The grab roll configuration is pretty amazing, we were able to run at a good speed and the grab rolls still handled it and kept the harvest going while his other harvesters still had beets piling in the grab rolls plus the beets were very clean. I’ve ran a lot of harvesters over the past forty years and Alloway is the best I’ve had. The lifter wheels are ideal and it lifts and cleans better than any machine I’ve run.”

After testing the harvester last year, Roger purchased a new machine this year. “The machine has everything it needs to run perfect in muddy conditions. It is better after two year of testing than the competition’s machine after 40 years of running and making changes.”

The harvester line (6 & 8 row) will be part of Alloway Standards production run for the 2007 sugarbeet harvest season.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Jody Hoffman is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Alloway Standard Industries)

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