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From the originator of the Tri-Lateral Hood design and spiral mounted flail tubes, the Alloway Shredder has always been #1 in performance and durability. Alloway is back in the business of manufacturing a top quality shredder line with a new heavier body, larger aluminum gearbox, 10” flail tubes, larger tires and 1000/1500 rpm rotor speed, we can keep up to the extra tough crops grown today.

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Standard Equipment Features

  • Heavy Duty Tri-Lateral Steel Body is ¼" thick for extra strength, extended wear and quadruple shredding action.
  • Rear Struts with screw jacks (optional hydraulic) allow for easy leveling and height adjustment.
  • Centrally Mounted Gear Box eliminates extra belts, bearings, u-joints etc.
  • Rugged Large Tires for longer wear and bearing life.
  • Floating 3-Point Hitch provides smoother action, reduces hitch stress and pressure.
  • Skid Plate helps prevent machine from bottoming out and keeps rotor and knifes out of the dirt.
  • Large 10" Seamless Steel Flail Tube is dynamically balanced for smooth operation and have replaceable end shafts.
  • 2 3/16" Diameter Flail Tube Shafts and Bearings are double sealed for improved load capacity and bearing life.
  • Spiral Mounted Flails were originally designed by Alloway for reduced pulsing and smoother operation.
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box with extended housing for extra bearing support and larger oil capacity for cooler operation
  • Safety Light Kit is standard on all units and customized to each machine for added safety.
  • Structural Steel Tube Cross Bracing for added support and stiffness of frame.
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