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Windrow Shredder

Windrow Shredder Overview

From the originator of the Tri-Lateral Hood design and spiral mounted flail tubes, the Alloway Shredder has always been #1 in performance and durability. Alloway is back in the business of manufacturing a top quality shredder line with a new heavier body, larger aluminum gearbox, 10” flail tubes, large tire options. We can keep up to the extra tough crops grown today.

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Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Tri-Lateral Steel Body is ¼" thick throughout for extra strength, extended wear and quadruple shredding action.
  • Rear Struts with screw jacks (optional hydraulic) allow for easy leveling and height adjustment.
  • Centrally Mounted Gear Box eliminates extra belts, bearings, u-joints etc.
  • Optional Large Tires for longer wear and bearing life with 8 bolt hubs.  [ 1 ]
  • Floating 3-Point Hitch provides smoother action, reduces hitch stress and pressure.  [ 2 ]
  • Skid Plate helps prevent machine from bottoming out and keeps rotor and knifes out of the dirt.  [ 3 ]
  • Large 10" Seamless Steel Flail Tube is dynamically balanced for smooth operation and have replaceable end shafts.
  • 2 3/16" Diameter Flail Tube Shafts and Bearings are double sealed for improved load capacity and bearing life.  [ 3 ]
  • Spiral Mounted Flails were originally designed by Alloway for reduced pulsing and smoother operation.
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box with extended housing for extra bearing support and larger oil capacity for cooler operation.
  • Safety Light Kit is standard on all units and customized to each machine for added safety.
  • Structural Steel Tube Cross Bracing for added support and stiffness of frame.
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Optional Equipment

  • Hydraulic Rear Struts enable height adjustments to be made from the tractor operator's seat. Rephasing cylinders are used.
  • End Transport Kit with clevis or 2 pt. mounts for easy transport to and from the field.
  • Caster Wheel Struts make end turns and difficult field conditions easy. Available with ratchet jack or hydraulic - 3 pt. models only.
  • Center Dividers pushes material over from center.
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  • [ 1 ] Rugged Tires
  • [ 2 ] Floating 3-Point Hitch
  • [ 3 ] Skid Plate/Flail Tube Ends
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Tires (4) 12.5L x 16" or 12.4 x 24" traction
Hitch 2-point, 3-point or pull type
Hood Type Tri-Lateral-seamless
Gearbox 250 hp - 1,000 RPM motor
Tractor CV PTO 1000 1-3/4 or 1-3/8 slip clutch
Min. Tractor Horsepower 6 to 8 hp/ft cutting width/knife options
Body Thickness ¼" throughout
End Plate Thickness ¼"
Flail Tube Diameter 10" DOM Tubing
Rotor Shaft Size 2 3/16"
Flail Tube End Bearing 2 3/16"
Knife Pattern Spiral
Knife Retention Bolt-On Cup
Auger ¼ x 12 x 18 pitch
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Available Models

13 foot (a)
15 foot (b)
18 foot (a)
20 foot (b)
22 foot (b)
(a) Available with right or left discharge
(b) Center Discharge

Field Detail

Shredded vs. Un-Shredded

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